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Noemy definitely went above and beyond her job. 5 stars really isn’t enough to give it to her. As first time home buyers, we really couldn’t be happier that we found Noemy. Following are the things that I think Noemy has been consistently exceeded:

1. Expertise-we all know that the quickest way to know a person’s level of knowledge is by asking tons of questions (I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just what first home buyers do and me being myself). I was very impressed every time when I got the response from Noemy. Her expertise and timely response makes her really reliable.

2. Timely communication – Noemy has so many clients at hands but I was amazed by how she was still able to respond to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. It’s not just about the deliver on time; it’s the accuracy of her response and the knowledge she has that really makes the whole home buying process smooth.

3. Care – this is where I really think Noemy went above and beyond.
She advised us how to properly prepare our credits and savings for this important purchase. The program that Noemy found for us was beyond our expectations and saved us bunch of money. Very interestingly, she helped us to find out a right lender who gave the nice deal. We relied heavily upon her advice and opinion, we really trusted her especially as she became familiar with our persona, likes, dislikes and needs. She cleary understood our budget and boundaries, helped to find a nice townhouse in a nice location. If we are rich enough to purchase a second house, Noemy will definitely be our first choice! Thank you Noemy!

Iuliia Ramirez

I had not sold a home in quite a while, I found that Noemy Martinez Conaway's professional experience and Real Estate market knowledge were outstanding. Noemy is efficient in her communication, professional and an honest agent. For example, she did not push to have my house staged by DDA because she felt it showed very well. Noemy was available to show the house when any one interested called in. She was very timely in her communications and explained the process to me so I knew what to expect. Noemy did a good job with the pictures it showed so well. My house sold in less than 7 days at the price and terms that I needed. I would highly recommend Noemy Martinez Conawy to my friends and family when looking for a Realtor that was professional and went above and beyond.


Noemy was extremely efficient and her communication was very professional and honest. For example, she did not push to have our house staged by DDA because she felt it showed very well. The pictures looked very professional and attractive to potential buyers. Noemy was available to show the house when any one interested called in. She was very timely in her communications and explained the process to me so I knew what to expect. I would highly recommend Noemy to my friends and family when looking for a Realtor that goes above and beyond.


If there was a better rating than ?????????? “5” Noemy would get it. She was absolutely instrumental in helping me purchased my first home in 2006 in Fort Washington, MD, few years later with my loan modification and recently in 2015 for a second time helping me to purchase my condo in Alexandria, VA. I strongly recommend Noemy as your Real Estate Agent. She respond to all her clients promptly without exceptions. She has built an excellent rapport within this Metropolitan area over the years. Honest and extremely patient. Noemy put together a fantastic package for me. I'm absolutely positive that I would not have gotten my great opportunities if it wasn’t for Noemy.

Sodguie Aguilar

Purchasing a home can be very stressful! However, Noemy made our experience sooo pleasant and was there for us every step of the way. We rented our proptery through her and also purchased a home with her help. She made both processes as pain free as possible for us and that's extremeley appreciated since my husband and I are both very busy people! I am sure she had several other clients while helping us but I honestly couldn't tell because she always made sure to dedicate her time with us to us! She was always very thorough in explaining each process and was very punctual with appointments. We have already recommended her to several of our family members and friends!

Andria Yamamoto

Excellent work .. ! Naomy is a really good agent , very honest person . we thought we couldn't get our house but she and her team make it happen ! we were blessed with her and her team


Noemy and her team are the exact professionals we were looking for in our search for short sale expertise. They helped us in answering all of our questions and were responsive when we needed them. Noemy is honest and gave us information from all sides. She is knowledgeable and her experience shows.


Qualifying for a mortgage is easy, finding the right home is very difficult. It took my wife and I nearly a year to find a home, and Noemy has been very understanding and patient the entire time. She doesn't pressure you and answers any questions you have. She is incredibly knowledgeable and takes classes to keep her information Current. We were looking diligently to find the right home and Noemy would meets us at our convenience ( we have gone to see home after work and school nearly at 8 or 9pm With seller permission). After some time, she will get a sense of your taste and dislikes and incorporate that into great suggestions. Ultimately, as a buyer you have all the decision making power, but having Noemy as a realtor has given us a better understanding of what we were to expect. definitely recommend her whether your looking to buy, sell or rent.

Kevin Majano

Noemy goes above and beyond on her work. She has all the skills and quality that one will hope for in an agent.
She is reliable, promt returning email, texts and calls. Noemy is detailed oriented and patient with her clients. She is very knowledgeable of the
market and different programs, is just an all a nice person to work with.
She makes sure that every step of the process goes well.
Noemy makes us fell that we were her most important clients, her personality is friendly, so easy to talk with.
We highly recommend her.


My wife and I closed on our first home earlier this month, and we both truly believe we could not have done it without Noemy. Largely due to her, our home-buying experience was better than we could have ever hoped going into it.

During the hectic last few months of planning our late-August wedding, we decided to start browsing homes in the DC metro area. At the outset we were VERY doubtful of our prospects, with being so busy, still having more than half of our rental lease agreement to go, and having no clue how to approach the process. So we started out by attending a few open houses, and met at least 5 agents. All were friendly and informative, but even here Noemy outshined the others. Whereas other agents would hand us a folder, have us sign in and just let us explore, Noemy actually walked through and answered any questions we had. We also met a few very aggressive agents who wanted to sell us a house right away, paying no mind to features/budget at all. But Noemy was very patient with us, only showed us properties in our budget and had our must-haves, and we never felt we were being "sold" on anything.

And when I say patient, I mean it! We were consistently unsure, asking extra questions, and generally nervous about things, especially the final financial numbers. But Noemy was responsive, available almost literally 24/7, and always willing to take extra time to explain things. Being successful as she is, we knew she had other clients besides us, but we never got the impression that we weren't her priority. Actually, she was able to work around our schedule, with our wedding out of state and being out of the country on honeymoon. We were able to fit everything around our schedule throughout the process, without feeling rushed or inconvenienced once.

She is also very knowledgeable on different options, programs, as well as seemingly the entire Northern VA/DC/Maryland market, in order to get you into the home you want. Not only that, but she has many connections to lenders, contractors, trusted inspectors etc, which gave us peace of mind once we made our decision.

I could keep writing on and on about how positive our experience was working with Noemy, but I'll simply say, we HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking for a home in this area. We have literally no complaints at all, just want to thank her again for putting us in our great first home!

David & Jacquelyn Simmons


Noemy was very knowledgeable in the home buying process. She was available to show us homes on several occasions until we found the perfect one for us. She was patient while we made our decisions and helpful in putting together the contract.


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